Fresh milled flour and grain in Salmon Arm, British Columbia

100% Western Canadian grains, beans, and freshly milled flours, stone-milled to order

100% Western Canadian flour and grain stone-milled to order

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Hi, I’m Dave!

I love food! Knowing where it comes from and how it was produced is very important to me.

Fresh milled Western Canadian flour and grains

Welcome to Mount Ida Grain Co. We love food – and we like to know where our food comes from. From farm to table, the nutritional and flavour advantages of Mount Ida Grain Company’s organic whole grain flour include complex carbohydrates, low fat and no sodium or cholesterol. Taste the difference – it’s beyond compare!

How to Shop Our Fresh Milled Flours and Grains

Shop direct from our mill located in the Westgate Public Market in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Or shop online and have our fresh milled flour and grain delivered right to your door. Choose from 1KG or 2.5KG.

Please email to place an order as we will fresh mill to order (24 hrs before pick up in person)
New retail locations coming soon!
  • Einkorn Flour
  • Emmer Flour
  • Hard Red Spring Flour
  • Hard White Wheat Flour (Sifted and Whole Grain)
  • Soft White Wheat Flour (Sifted and Whole Grain)
  • Red Fife Wheat Flour
  • Rye Flour
  • Spelt Flour
  • Durum Wheat Semolina Flour

The benefits of fresh stone ground flour

Fresh stone ground flour has optimal nutritional qualities as the grains are milled at a lower speed and temperature than conventional milling. This product has ZERO additives and is at its best within a few months of being purchased. Store in the fridge or even the freezer for ultimate freshness.

Fresh milled flour and grain at the foot of Mount Ida located in Salmon Arm, BC.

The best method for receiving all the precious components from the grain is to grind the grain yourself! The value of the grain lies in its entirety!

The Austrian Osttiroler stone mill, hand crafted from pine wood, reliable and capable of producing delicious whole grain flour is the best mill in the world – in our view! And we wanted to produce the best flour!  Our mill arrived last fall from the Osttiroler Getreidemühlen Green company in East Tyrolia. We are delighted with it.

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